Dinosaur Hand Puppet

We provide the most attractive Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet !! They roar to you with cute movements.





Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppets Features:

  • Eyes Blink like naughty kids
  • Mouth Open & Close like a hungry pet
  • Roars like a Real Baby Dinosaur


  • Hand Operated T-Rex Puppet
    Popular Dinosaur Puppet
    Baby T-Rex Hand Puppet
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    Baby T-Rex Hand Puppet is one of most popular puppets. It has Sharp teeth and claws, although it is a juvenile T-Rex. With its bright piercing eyes, it must be a good hunter in the future.
  • Hand Operated Triceratops Puppet
    Popular Dinosaur Puppet
    Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet
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    Baby Triceratops Hand Puppet is the most favorite for kids. With the fleshy body, cute face, pure eyes as well as its adorable voice, Baby Triceratops would be attractive for kids touching. Do you want to have a try?
  • Hand Operated Brachiosaurus Puppet
    Popular Dinosaur Puppet
    Baby Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet
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    With its Smart eyes and naive face, Baby Brachiosaurus Hand Puppet is also our popular puppet products. It is the most docile in these three dinosaurs. When she opens mouth, you need to feed her.





We are able to produce any type of Baby Dinosaur Puppet and Dragon Puppet. Sculpture, Color & Sound can be customized based on our customer’s design


  • Hand Velociraptor Puppet
    Velociraptor Hand Puppet
    You can hold this Velociraptor Hand Puppet on the shoulder and control mouth and neck movements. With this tamed Velociraptor, performer becomes a dinosaur warrior to interact with audience.
  • Baby Dragon Puppet
    Baby Dragon Hand Puppet
    Baby Dragon Hand Puppet is our customized Dragon Style product, which has cartoon appearance, blue eyes and wings. The 2D cartoon dragon comes to the real world!!!






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