Custom Work

If you need something special, our team can make it happen. We can customize animatronic creatures’ size, shape, texture, sound etc…For you Only. To offer the best custom animatronic creation is never assume something can’t be done. We are always confident a way can be found if you try hard enough. That’s how we work at ONLYDINOSAURS PRODUCTION.


  • Animatronic Mermaid
  • Cartoon Dragon Suit
  • Custom Dragon Nadder Suit
  • Custom Ogretail Suit
  • Animatronic Talking Tree
  • Custom Cartoon Boy Statue
  • Custom Cartoon Ankylosaurus Statue
  • Custom Cartoon Parasaurolophus Statue
  • Custom Cartoon Stegosaurus Statue
  • Custom Old Dinosaur Statue
  • Custom Cartoon Tochisaurus Statue
  • Custom Animatronic Red T-Rex
  • Custom Animatronic Yellow Triceratops
  • Custom Animatronic Blue Brachiosaurus
  • Animatronic Red Dragon
  • Custom Monster Skeleton Replica
  • Custom Stegosaurus Fossil Replica
  • Custom Triceratops Skeleton Replica

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