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Born and raised in a undisclosed location, we are proud to introduce you to Rocket, Razor, Rocco, Riley, Rocket X , Remy and newest dinosaur Ramsey.


Ramsey Triceratops Costume
Rocket T-Rex Costume
Riley Raptor Costume


Razor Raptor Costume
Rocco T-Rex Costume
Rocketx T-Rex Costume


Remy Spinosaurus Costume


Ready for the Jurassic Extreme Experience? The Jurassic Extreme Dinosaurs are available for hire for the following:

Jurassic Extreme Birthday Parties
Jurassic Extreme Coporate Events


Jurassic Extreme Grand Openings
Jurassic Extreme Festivals


Jurassic Extreme Schools
Jurassic Extreme Sporting Events


Jurassic Extreme Parades
Jurassic Extreme Private Events

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