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Newest Walking Adult Triceratops Costume

Walking Triceratops Costume

OnlyDinosaurs is familiar with two-legs dinosaur costume. As a creative company in Dinosaur Costume Industry, we have to do something new. Our designers were engaged in developing four-legs dinosaur costume in the past few months. It’s based on Chinese traditional “lion dance” which requires two performers cooperated

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Hire Dinosaur Costume in Slovakia

Hire T-Rex Costume in Slovakia

We now have a Walking Dinosaur Costume Rent Option in Slovakia — DINOSAURUS S.R.O Due to lack of dinosaur entertainment in Slovakia, the T-Rex would be attractive for party, public holiday, private event etc….. On the first day arriving, T-Rex rushed to downtown without waiting. Children were

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Singapore Zoorassic Park Visiting

Animatronic Iguanodon Zoorassic Park

On March 2017, our team engaged in Animatronic Dinosaur Installation in Singapore. In the meantime, we were invited to visit Singapore Zoo, where our dinosaur-products were exhibiting from May 2016. 9th March, we arrived at Singapore Zoo at noon. After a big Chinese lunch, we were lead

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Giant Dinosaurs at Gardens by the Bay Singapore

LED Light Dinosaur Models

On Feb 22nd , 2017, our technical team “Experienced-8” arrived in Singapore for installation of our 3 Giant Animatronic Dinosaurs – 20m long T-Rex, 20m long Triceratops & 20m long Brachiosaurus. Our workplace in Singapore is Gardens By the Bay, where thousands of tourists visited and enjoyed

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Life-Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for Adventure Golf UK

Customized Animatronic Dinosaurs Project

Life-Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for Adventure Golf UK In January 2017, we produced ten Life-Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for Adventure Golf UK. They are main characters for the whole project — “GOOD DINOSAUR STORY” exhibition 2017. Our UK client were satisfied with all our creations. It beyond his expectation. Planed to buy more animatronic

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UK client Check Cartoon Dinosaur Statues

 CARTOON FIBERGLASS DINOSAUR STATUES In 12th January 2017, British client Ali came to ONLYDINOSAURS FACTORY, inspected the fiberglass cartoon dinosaurs and animatronic dinosaurs before delivery. Cartoon dinosaur statue was the key for the whole project — “GOOD DINOSAUR STORY” exhibition 2017. In November 2016, Ali came to our factory for business

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FINAL FANTASY Animatronic Chocobo Costume

Walking Animatronic Chocobo Costumes

WALKING CHOCOBO COSTUME FOR SALE Months ago, we manufactured four Walking Animatronic Chocobo Costumes. Our UK clients ordered them for 2016 latest FINAL FANTASY Launch event. For the production, they specially provided Chocobo’s design drafts and digital figure image. The 2.6 meters high chocobo costumes were produced

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Animatronic Dinosaurs Exhibition in France

Layout Dinosaur Exhibition in France

Creative Christmas Exhibits-Animatronic Dinosaurs Months ago, we produced 14 Full Size Animatronic Dinosaurs for French client. They managed an Event Company and used the animatronic dinosaurs as creative exhibition. They also had dozens of orders of dinosaur exhibition from local shopping malls, parks, zoos, theme plazas, business events……in

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Customize Animatronic Dinosaurs for French Client

Customize Dinosaur Model

Customized Animatronic Dinosaurs January 2016, we customized 14 Animatronic Dinosaurs, two static dinosaur models and one Fiberglass Digging Site. After one month production period, we completed all dinosaurs. Our French client manage an EVENT COMPANY. They purchased the dinosaur products as attractive theme event in local shopping malls,

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Dinosaurs Alive in Zoo-Rassic Park Singapore

Dinosaurs Alive in Zoo-Rassic Park

DINOSAURS ALIVE IN ZOO-RASSIC PARK SINGAPORE In December 2016, Singapore Zoo opened ZOO-RASSIC PARK. It’s a splendid Dinosaur Exhibition. The theme is BACK TO SAVE THE FUTURE, which shocked whole Singapore. The Exhibition sustain to March 2017. If you are in Singapore, don’t miss this wonderful journey of

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