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How To Make Animatronic Zebra Family

Life-Sized Zebra Models

ANIMATRONIC ZEBRA FAMILY In July 2016, we created two Animatronic Zebras for our Lebanon client. Adult Zebra Model: 2.5 meters long and 1.3 meters high; Baby Zebra Model: 1.5 meters long and 0.6 meters high. SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC ZEBRA FAMILY: 1). Materials: inner well-treated steel tube and

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Dinosaurs Alive in Zoo-Rassic Park Singapore

Dinosaurs Alive in Zoo-Rassic Park

DINOSAURS ALIVE IN ZOO-RASSIC PARK SINGAPORE In December 2016, Singapore Zoo opened ZOO-RASSIC PARK. It’s a splendid Dinosaur Exhibition. The theme is BACK TO SAVE THE FUTURE, which shocked whole Singapore. The Exhibition sustain to March 2017. If you are in Singapore, don’t miss this wonderful journey of

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Fireproof Animatronic Dinosaurs for Jurassic Adventure Golf UK

Animatronic Petrosaur

FIREPROOF ANIMATRONIC DINOSAURS Days ago, we finished 12 Full Size Animatronic Dinosaurs. All dinosaurs are made of fireproof sponge, in order to meet the health & safety rules in the UK. The biggest dinosaur in this order is Animatronic Brachiosaurus, which is 20m Long, 12m High. Just same size

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UK Client Check Dinosaur Factory

BRITISH CLIENT CHECKS ONLYDINOSAURS FACTORY Last Week(20th November 2016), Ali from Britain came to visit ONLYDINOSAURS FACTORY for dinosaur adventure golf project. He planed to order two groups of dinsoaur. First group named “GOOD ONE” which looks cute and cartoon dinosaur models. Second group named “BAD ONE” which

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How to Make Animatronic Giraffe

Animatronic Giraffe on Sale

ANIMATRONIC GIRAFFE MAKING PROCESS It is a 4 meters high Animatronic Giraffe. The giraffe model was bought by our Lebanon client.  SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC GIRAFFE: 1). Size: Four meters high 2). Materials: inner well-treated steel tube and CE certificated motors & outside high-density foam and silicone 3).

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Dinosaur Project for Turkey Client

Turkish Clients

DINOSAUR PROJECT FOR TURKEY CLIENT In April 2016, two Turkey clients came to visit our factory. They purchased seven Animatronic Dinosaurs for travelling exhibition in Turkey. In following period of 2016, they would introduce the DINOSAUR ADVENTURE TOUR PLAN to Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks, Business Plazas etc. around

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Animatronic Monkey Making Process

Monkey Model Delivery

CUTE ANIMATRONIC MONKEY MAKING PROCESS It is 1.2m high Animatronic Monkey hanging on the tree. It’s artificial fur on the body, which was planted by hands. And it costs three days to plant. Now, the two animatronic monkeys are in Lebanon Shopping Mall Exhibition. SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC MONKEY:

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Excellent Natural Science Museum Exhibition

Transport Animal Models

NATURAL SCIENCE MUSEUM EXHIBITS In March 2016, we manufactured five Life-Sized Animal Models with vivid sound and realistic movement. They respectively were Tiger, Saltwater Crocodile, Hippo, Cobra and Mosquito(magnifying model). The animals were produced for Switzerland Natural Science Museum. Our Animatronic Animal belong to Excellent Natural Science

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Animatronic Snake Making Process

Animatronic Snake for Sale

ANIMATRONIC SNAKE MAKING PROCESS One 8 meters long Animatronic Snake was created for our Lebanon client. In September 2016, one JUNGLE ANIMAL EXHIBITION was open in Beirut. The life-sized Boa Constrictor model was part of the exhibition. SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC SNAKE(BOA CONSTRICTOR): 1). Size: 8 meters long, 2 meters

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Ice Age Animals Alive in Singapore Shopping Mall

Delivery Ice Age Animatronics

ICE AGE ANIMALS ALIVE SHOW Months ago, we received one Ice Age Animatronics’ proposal from Singapore client. A famous Shopping Mall wanted to show newfangled exhibits at new promoting season — ICE AGE ANIMALS ALIVE. We produced six Ice Age Animal Models for the show. They respectively were

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