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Mini Golf-Dinosaur Safari Project

In following May to June, we will make over 30 different Animatronic Dinosaurs for our British clients. Clients once came to our factory for discussing with Dinosaur Safari Project in February 2014. They want to enlarge Mini Golf Theme and show more dinosaurs to the public. Their

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Custom Animatronic E.T Model

We can customize any type of Animatronic Proudct according to client requirement. We have vivid customized works such as Alien, E.T, Cartoon Movie Figures, Fairy Tale Characters, Mythical Creatures…… Moreover, just clients provide designing picture about figures, and we can make out concerned Animatronic Figures. Herein, we

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Powerful Animatronic Bear as Rainforest Cafe Decorations

We want to show our Animatronic Bear to readers. In June 2013, we received one animal replica order from Indian client. Client asked us to make horse, bear, snake, monkey etc. models with lifelike roaring sound and movements. He wanted to use the animals to decorate in

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Discount for Dinosaurs Who is in not Popular

Good News for buyers in the world! We decide to promote our Animatronic Dinosaurs in discount until middle May 2014. Discount for 12 dinosaurs who is in not popular such as Therizinosaurus, Irritator, Omeisaurus, Euoplocephalus, Monolophosaurus, Stokesosaurus etc.  We would like to offer 20% discount.  From now

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Amazing Dinosaur Prank Show

Yesterday, we received feedback pictures of Walking Dinosaur Costume. Our British client wanted to promote Dinosaur Prank Show in his Zoo. The amazing show would be opened in June 2014. In order to attract the public, he specially  shoot one attractive video and put it on Youtube.

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Amused Dinosaur Style Products for Sale

Two days ago, we updated our Poduct Portfolio to show more Amused Dinosaur Style Products online. The dinosaur style decorations function as taking photo and riding etc, which belong to indispensable theme decorated item for dinosaur theme park. Wholesale dinsaour theme decorations and offer cheap cost. Buying

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Online Show Animatronic Animal Workshop

In march 2014, we were busy for manufacturing Animatronic Animals in our workshop. The workshop was rent by us for one year. Because our animatronic orders were full of original factory, need to find more land for making animatronic animals. The workshop is located in Wanjiaqiao nearby

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Only Rent Dinosaurs to Domestic Clients (China)

Recently, we received many inquiries from the world that renting our Animatronic Dinosaur for show. Rent period between couple weeks to one month. These renters thought that Life Size Dinosaur Exhibits must attracted the public and created good benefits. The good Show Market is earning business. So,

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Custom Skin Color for Lifelike Dinosaur Puppet

In 20th March 2014, we sent photos of finished Dinosaur Puppet Product to our Canadian client for confirmation. Our client actually was not content to our skin color. He was confirmed to Dinosaur’s Skin Color from WALKING WITH DINOSAURS and asked us to send the dinosaur puppet

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Custom Jurassic Style Decorations

Recently, we made three Jurassic Style Decorations for our American client. The client has one big park in USA and plan to hold one dinosaur exhibition in May 2014. He has two dinosaur productions for us, which is 16 units of life size animatronic dinosaur and 9

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