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Thief of Dinosaur World-Oviraptor

Today, we introduce one DINOSAUR CATALOG as OVIRAPTOR. The dinosaur has lean body and fast speed to steal other dinosaurs’ eggs, so its name means stealing dinosaur eggs or baby dinosaurs. It belong to thief of Dinosaur World. Last year December(2015), we made one 4 meters long

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How We Make Animatronic Cave Bear

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Recently, we made one 2.5 meters high ANIMATRONIC CAVE BEAR. Cave bear belong to Ice Age Animal. When our sculptors received the work, they sacrifice a lot of brain cell to make BEAR. Why so hard? In real world, be easy to find reference substance in contrast

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Animatronic Giant Crocodile

Last month, we made one 10 meters long Animatronic Sarcosuchus. (Giant Crocodile Model) The GIANT CROCODILE was purchased by our client from France, now transported on the sea. Two days later(16th March 2016), it would be homed in France. SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC GIANT CROCODILE: 1). Making Materials:

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Animatronic Bambiraptor Test

Today, we show one Dinosaur Model which barely presented on our website. The dinosaur named BAMBIRAPTOR who is one of RAPTOR FAMILY. ANIMATRONIC BAMBIRAPTOR is available of 3 meters long and 1.2 meters high. Through the blog, you can see how we make an Animatronic Bambiraptor. Welding

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T-Rex Fossil Digging Site

Our client from Ireland recently purchased one T-Rex Fossil Style Digging Site. He would layout his indoor museum for interaction among chidlren. Fiberglass Digging Site is our hot-sale fiberglass production because of its excellent decoration. MAKING PROCEDURE OF T-REX FOSSIL DIGGING SITE: 1). Handcraft clay to be

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7 Meters Long Animatronic T-Rex

Five and Seven meters long Animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex always be our hot-sales! Recently, we made one 7 meters long and 2.6 meters high Tyrannosaurus Rex Model. Our client from Turkey purchased and would show it in Istanbul April 2016. We only cost 7 days to complete the

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Installation Project in Safari Park

Midland Adventure Safari Park in UK is our old client and purchase over hundred ANIMATRONIC DINOSAURS from us. In December 2015, we sent our 3 installing workers to Safari Park for directing how to install large animatronic dinosaur. Within 5 days, three large dinosaurs need to be

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Manufacturing Process of Animatronic T-Rex

Recently, we use GoPro Camera to take an interesting video, which manufacturing process of one 12 meters long Animatronic T-Rex. We ask our mechanicians to make T-Rex’s animatronic metal frame, and arrange other moulding teams to make completed T-Rex Model. We cost 5 days to complete one

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How We Make Animatronic Smilodon

Looking our Animatronic Animals! ICE AGE THEME ANIMATRONICS is the most hot-sales without doubt. In 2015, we have sold three groups of Ice Age Animal Models with lifelike sound and movements to the oversea. Ice Age Theme Exhibition ranked only second to DINOSAUR THEME EXHIBITION. We presented

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Interactive Equipment-Quetzalcoatlus Model

It is an Animatronic Quetzalcoatlus. It is looked different from normal PTEROSAUR MODEL, that doesn’t have long and narrow metencephalon, and have long and sharp teeth. SPECIFICATION OF ANIMATRONIC QUETZALCOATLUS: (1).Materials: Inner well-treated steel tube & CE Certificated Motors and external high-density foam & silicone (2).Size: 4

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