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Animatronic Dinosaur Costumes for Sale

At the beginning of 2016 July, two new Animatronic Dinosaur Costumes are made out. One is T-Rex style and another is VelociRaptor style. Two style costumes have be sold out over hundred to oversea clients. They amuse countless oversea people. Animatronic T-Rex Costume’s silicone teeth is no

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Customized Polar Bear and Penguin Models

Recently, we receive more and more orders about animal theme. Yesterday(2016.6.24), we just finished one Animatronic Polar Bear and four Animatronic Penguins. Two animal models would be delivery to NATURAL MUSEUM.(Our client asked us to keep secret about museum name before the models were arrived) ANIMATRONIC POLAR

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Customized VelociRaptor And T-Rex Rides

Our client from Thailand purchase two Animatronic Dinosaur Rides. They are respectively 4 meters long VelociRaptor Ride and T-Rex Ride. Originally, two rides belong to our dinosaur riding equipment in stock, and client decides to buy them out while he comes to our factory for business visiting.

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Blue Cartoon T-Rex Costume

Normally, we paint Dinosaur Skin according to image effect (the most looked realistic). But, our one client asks us to paint blue skin to his ordered T-Rex Costume, that make us admire his bold choice. Blue skin makes T-Rex costume looked cartoon, that passably impacts viewing effect

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Colorful VelociRaptor Puppet

Last month, Ukrainian client came to the factory to check ordered Walking Dinosaur Puppets. One dilophosaurus puppet which spitting water and one colorful VelociRaptor Puppet. Why colorful? Because we glued blue and yellow fur on its head and painted its body green & red. The VelociRaptor looked

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Customized Animatronic Insects

We have three different products to match perfectly three theme exhibitions as DINOSAUR, ICE AGE ANIMAL and INSECT. Today, we introduce third popular product as Animatronic Insect (or fiberglass insect). Recently, we make one 1.2 meters long animatronic mosquito. Such a big mosqutio! If you are bite

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Beautiful Animatronic Mermaid

People only can go to cinema to watch Mermaid, but I can have intimate touching with her. I can stroke her hand and even kiss her beautiful face, Hahahahaha~~~~~~ Are you jealous? Looking the photos about I and mermaid princess, and do you want to be taken

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Animatronic Deer and Rhinoceros

Recently, we made two ANIMATRONIC ANIMALS as deer and rhinoceros. Our artisits cost two weeks to make two animatronics. Fortunately, we could find similar artificial fur about deer and rhinoceros, which help us to save much time. ANIMATRONIC DEER SPECIFICATION: (1). Making Materials: Inner well-treated steel tube

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Dilophosaurus Spitting Water Outfit

We invent one Funny Spitting Water Outfit of Dilophosaurus-Style. Do you remember Spitting Dilophosaurus in JURASSIC PARK? It spits on one fat-boy’s face to make him blind for eating. In dinosaur world, dilophosaurus will spit venom to make enemies blind when meets danger. According to its nature,

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Covered Legs Dragon And Dinosaur Suits

Recently, we just made four Cover-Legs Animatronic Suits, which they were respectively two dragon suits, one T-Rex suit and one VelociRaptor suit. The four suits were ordered by one client, and he has a EVENT in June. Our two workers wear dragon costumes and play together, that

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